Plan a Field Trip to Florida Attractions – Listed by City

Hands On Museum Firepole

Florida Field Trips is a directory of school trips to Florida attractions designed for elementary students. Our goal is to help teachers from all over Florida plan their next field trip, in a manner that will enrich the knowledge of their elementary students and increase their understanding of a subject.

Teachers, you’ll find details that you need to know when you plan a field trip for your class, including the school trips and educational programs that meet the Sunshine State Standards (SSS) from those provided by the objectives and for what grades are they available. Prices, schedules, contact data and minimum reservation periods are also available, to help you make the best decisions for your school trips.

To plan your field trip to Florida, just browse by City, from the menu located on the left side to find something close to your school.

If you have visited any of the field trip locations that we cover on this site, please consider leaving a comment on that page, detailing your experience with it. It will help teachers just like you make the best decision possible when choosing their next location in Florida field trip.